January - March 1995

1. Invernal Fury
2. Warrior Of Ice
3. Tears At Nightfall
4. Alive And Proud
5. Land Of Immortals
6. Holy Wind
7. Eternal Glory

Cristiano Adacher (Vocals)
Luca Turilli (Guitars, Additional Vocals on "Warrior Of Ice")
Alex Staropoli (Keyboards)
Andrea Furlan (Bass)
Daniele Carbonera (Drums)

"Invernal Fury" (re-titled "Rage Of The Winter"), "Warrior Of Ice", "Alive And Proud" (re-titled "Lord Of The Thunder") & "Land Of Immortals"
were re-recorded for the "Legendary Tales" Album.

"Holy Wind" (re-titled "Riding The Winds Of Eternity") & "Eternal Glory" were re-recorded for "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands" Album.

"Tears At Nightfall" haven't been re-recorded.

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