Hokkaido Kouseinenkinkaikan, Sapporo, Japan
22 September 1995

1. Interview

2. Vengeance
3. No Lost Love
4. I'd Die Without You
5. The Only One
6. Fire In The Sky

Rock Palace, Hollywood, CA
January 1984

7. Too Young To Die Too Drunk To Live
8. Hiroshima Mon Amour
9. Island In The Sun


Chapters: YES
Menu Chapters: YES

(Japanese TV)

Picture Quality: Excellent / Superb

Sound Quality: Excellent / Superb

Yngwie Malmsteen (Guitar), Mike Vescera (Vocals), Mats Olausson (Keyboards)
Barry Sparks (Bass) & Shane Gaalaas (Drums)

Graham Bonnet (Vocals), Yngwie Malmsteen (Guitar), Jimmy Waldo (Keyboards)
Gary Shea (Bass) & Jan Uvena (Drums)

Alcatrazz's Quality is Very Good

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