Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
6 March 1995

1. Intro
2. Tooth And Nail
3. When Heaven Comes Down
4. Into The Fire
5. Kiss Of Death
6. Shadows Of Life
7. The Maze
8. Long Way Home
9. Breaking The Chains
10. Unchain The Night
11. Just Got Lucky
12. Nothing Left To Say
13. Nowhere Man
14. I Will Remember
15. Alone Again
16. Mr Scary
17. It's Not Love
18. Paris Is Burning
19. In My Dreams

Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
9 July 1995

Tooth And Nail
When Heaven Comes Down
The Maze
Shadows Of Life
Into The Fire
Kiss Of Death
Too High To Fly
Long Way Home
The Hunter
Alone Again
Mr Scary
It's Not Love
Paris Is Burning
Breaking The Chains
Whole Lotta Love
Oh Darling
In My Dreams

Sony DAT D7 + DSM6S/PA6LC3

House Of Blues, West Hollywood, CA
7 December 1997

1. Kiss Of Death
2. The Hunter
3. Puppet On A String
4. Sky Beneath My Feet
5. Into The Fire
6. Too High To Fly
7. Just Got Lucky
8. Paris Is Burning
9. John Intro
Alone Again
10. It's Not Love
11. Breaking The Chains
12. In My Dreams
13. Tooth And Nail
14. When Heaven Comes Down

Don Dokken, John Norum, Jeff Pilson & Mick Brown

Sony DAT D7 + DSM6S/PA6LC3