Rio Theater, New York City, NY
24 March 1984

1. Intro
2. Go Down Fighting
3. Don't Say Goodbye (Tonight)
4. Hell Or High Water
5. Guitar Solo - Jack
6. Living In Sin
7. Still In Love With You
8. Metal City
9. The Redeemer
10. I Am The One


Chapters: NO
Menu Chapters: NO

(1 Audience Camera)

Picture Quality: Excellent

Sound Quality: Superb
(from Soundboard)

David Defeis, Jack Starr, Joe O'Reilly & Joey Ayvazian

Varese, Milan, Italy
19 June 2004

DVD ONE (85:10)
1. And In The Red Sea Intro
2. Kingdom Of The Fearless
(The Destruction Of Troy)
3. Life Among The Ruins
4. The Angel Of Light
5. The Wine Of Violence
6. In Triumph Or Tragedy
7. Return Of The King
8. Guardians Of The Flame
9. Victory Is Mine
10. Blaze Of Victory
11. Dust From The Burning
(A Season In Purgatory)
12. On The Wings Of The Night
13. Noble Savage
14. Mind, Body, Spirit
15. Wings Of Vengeance
16. By The Gods - Intro
Through Blood And Fire
17. Rising Unchained - Intro
Drums Solo - Frank
18. The Voice As Weapon
19. Invictus


Chapters: YES
Menu Chapters: YES

(1 Audience Camera)

Picture Quality: Excellent / Superb

Sound Quality: Very Good / Excellent

David Defeis (Vocals & Keyboards)
Edward Pursino (Guitar)
Josh Block (Bass)
Frank Gilchriest (Drums)

A lot of small cuts
(about 10/15 on each DVD)
DVD TWO (82:21)
1. Gate Of Kings
2. A Token Of My Hatred
3. Crown Of Glory
4. Emalaith
5. Through The Ring Of Fire
6. The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii)
7. Thy Kingdom Come (Intro)
8. When The Legends Die
9. Great Sword Of Flame
10. Minuet In G Minor
11. I Will Come For You
12. A Symphony Of Steele
13. The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
14. Veni Vidi Vici